Canon Macro lens – Luxury edition. 1:1 Macro. Upgraded Canon EF 35-80mm f4-5.6 Close Up Lens. Modified for Macro photography – contains everything you need (except the camera!). Digital & Film EOS. EF-S. EFS. 35-80 mm. Equivalent to approximately 60mm -130mm on a 1.6x crop body, and 50mm – 100mm on a 1.3x crop body. (5. BLUE)


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Upgraded for macro work. This isn’t a standard EF 35-80 f4.5-5.6 Mk1 – it’s entirely stripped, cleaned & rebuilt using different optical elements to bring the micro world alive. You’ll be taking amazing macro pictures at 1:1 magnification 30 seconds after you’ve opened the box.

  • Photograph the micro-world of flowers, jewels, insects, coins, etc. super close-up. Modified for macro photography using a new internal configuration of Canon lenses.
  • Technical specifications: At 0.4x-0.9x magnification, focal length is 11cm from the end of the lens. You can photograph an object from 2.5cm-4.5cm across. At 0.7x-1.8x magnification, the focal length is 4.5 cm from the end of the lens, and the object can be 1.2cm-2.7cm across.
  • Fully compatible and ready for use on all Canon EOS cameras, film and digital. It’s an original Canon lens and so works faultlessly.
  • Upgraded Canon 35-80mm Mk I close up lens. True macro. 1:1 magnification (up to 1.8x extreme macro). Made in Japan.
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