Opteka CSX-600 Multi-Rig with Shoulder Support for Digital SLR and Camcorders

The Opteka CSX-600 Multi-Rig with Shoulder Support will allow any filmmaker to achieve professional results. Constructed of an extremely high quality stainless steel and aluminum material, the shoulder support system is designed to accommodate digital SLR cameras all the way up to prosumer camcorders.

Basically every element of the Opteka CXS-600 Videographer’s Dual Rig is adjustable to align and balance your rig. It is the perfect production tool for any filmmaker. No matter what is being recorded, the user will always know that the steadiest possible image is being captured.

  • Four different configurations to enhance filming with your DSLR or camcorder
  • Any DSLR camera or camcorder with a 1/4″ female screw thread can mount onto the rig
  • All metal heavy duty construction
  • 9″ long foam padded handles
  • Make adjustments quick and easy