3 x DSLRKIT Lens Focus Calibration Tool Alignment Ruler Folding Card for Pro’s

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3 X DSLRKIT Lens Focus Calibration Tool Alignment Ruler Folding Card Product DescriptionInstruction
compact ruler allows you to determine if your lens is auto-focusing
accurately as it should. It is an essential tool that is particularly
useful when shooting with a shallow depth of field, where focusing
should ideally be “spot on”. You can use this ruler to determine how
“off” the focusing is for a particular camera / lens combination and, on
supported cameras, adjust the camera’s auto-focus settings to resolve

Nikon cameras, this feature is known as “AF Fine Tune”. On Canon and
Sony cameras, it’s known as “AF Micro Adjustment”. Please refer to your
camera’s instructions manual to see if this feature is present.


Package Included:
Lens Focus Calibration Card X1

1. Set up the ruler.
Ensure both the camera and ruler are level, exactly perpendicular and
at the same height. It is best to mount the camera on a tripod to do
3. Set the lens to the widest
aperture to obtain the shallowest depth of field. This will make it
easier to determine if your lens is focusing accurately. Auto-focus on
the crosshair at the center of the ruler, then take a photo.
Inspect the photo to see if focusing is accurate. It is recommended
that you do this on a computer since you will be able to see better on a
bigger screen. If focusing is accurate, the ‘0’ on the ruler should be
the sharpest point on the image and the other numbers get blurrier as
you move away from the 0. 
5. If any
number above the 0 is clearer, then your lens is backfocusing.
Otherwise, if any number below the 0 is clearer, then your lens is front
focusing. In either case, you would have to set the auto-focus
micro-adjustment parameters on your camera body until you are able to
obtain a picture that is sharpest at the ‘0’ on the ruler.

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