5 Sets LCD LED Camera Lens Phone Screen Dust Dry Wet Cleaning Cloth Paper Wipes

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New and high qualityThis wipes set includes wet wipes (number 1) containing professional cleaning fluid, and high hydroscopic property, dry wipes (number2) . To obtain best cleaning effect, please use the number 1 and then number 2 to dry the lens.The product can be used for DV lens, DC screens, monitors, glasses, CD and so on.Helps remove dust, fingerprints and smudges from LCD screen.Comes with both wet and dry wipes.Soft and clean, will not scratch the surface of screen.Lightweight, independent packaging, convenient to carry.To properly clean screen, first use the wet wipe followed by dry wipe.
Step 1: Turn off the electronic device and let cool.
Step 2: Wet cloth and gently wipe entire surface to be cleaned.
Step 3: Dry cloth and wipe surface in straight horizontal or vertical.Dimension of each paper wipe: 5 x 5 cm/pcs Quantity:1 Set (include 1Pcs wet wipes and 1Pcs dry wipes)Package including :5 sets (Dry Wet Cleaning Wipes)So total (No1.Wet x 5 ; No.2 Dry x 5) 10pcs

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