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SPECIAL OFFER – ORIGINAL FULL COURSE PRICE £35 – GET IT HERE FOR £5 !!THIS IS A SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE ONLY VALID UNTIL APRIL 30THOur courses are designed with the beginner and amateur in mind.Registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers:Our Provider Reference Number is 10063507.Bought someone a camera and they don’t know how to use it?This is the perfect gift for them, or, are you a beginner and want to learn?Step by step you will be guided through the course in an inspiring, educational and fun manner.No complicated jargon, everything is explained in an easy to understand way.Study at your own pace, anywhere, anytime on your PC, tablet or smartphone.If you are new to photography or are already doing it as a hobby, you will learn to look at your camera in a new way, have a full understanding of it’s controls, learn correct exposure & composition.We have broken the course down into several Modules, Units & Tests.Each one carefully ordered to help you progress and learn in a structured way.The course comprises of the following:Module 1Introduction To Photography.Unit 1Welcome to your course.Module 2Equipment.Unit 1Equipment.Module 3Your Camera And You.Unit 1Holding your camera.Unit 2Choosing a Mode – The control dial.Unit 3File Types.Module 4Types Of Photography.Unit 1Types of photographyModule 5Getting To Know Your ISOUnit 1ISOModule 6Getting To Know Your Aperture.Unit 1All About Aperture.Unit 2Understanding Depth Of Field.Module 7Getting To Know Your Shutter Speed.Unit 1All About Shutter Speed.Module 8Perfect Exposure.Unit 1The Exposure Triangle.Unit 2Exposure Bracketing.Unit 3Exposure Compensation.Unit 4The Histogram.Unit 5Metering Modes.Unit 6Shooting In RAWModule 9Light.Unit 1Natural Light.Unit 2Exposure.Unit 3Quality.Module 10Composition.Unit 1Rule Of Thirds.Unit 2Simplify The Scene.Unit 3Fill The Frame.Unit 4Aspect Ratio.Unit 5Leading Lines.Unit 6Break The Rules.Module 11Black & White Photography Task 1.Unit 1Black & White Photography Task 1.Module 12Portrait Photography Task 2.Unit 1Portrait Photography Task 2.Module 13Landscape Photography Task 3.Unit 1Landscape Photography Task 3.Module 14Be Creative Task 4.Unit 1Be Creative Task 4.Module 15Night Photography Task 5.Unit 1Night Photography Task 5.Module 16Tips & Techniques.Unit 1Tips & Techniques.Module 17Editing Your Images.Unit 1Editing Your Images.Module 18Your Final Test !Unit 1Your Test.So do you want to be a better photographer? Learn the basics of photography?Unleash the power of your camera?You are purchasing a code that you can redeem on OUR course website.This will allow  you to enrol on our fully featured online course.Your code and online course location will be delivered to your purchasing email address within 12 hours.

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