M1 MINI USB Data Sync Cable Lead for Digital Camera CANON IXUS Series: IXUS 100 IS, IXUS 107, IXUS 110 IS, IXUS 120 IS, IXUS 200 IS, IXUS 30, IXUS 330, IXUS 40, IXUS 400, IXUS 430, IXUS 50, IXUS 500, IXUS 55, IXUS 60, IXUS 65, IXUS 70, IXUS 700, IXUS 75, IXUS 750, IXUS 80 IS, IXUS 800 IS, IXUS 82 IS, IXUS 85 IS, IXUS 850 IS, IXUS 860 IS, IXUS 870 IS, IXUS 90 IS, IXUS 900 Ti, IXUS 95 IS, IXUS 950 IS, IXUS 960 IS, IXUS 970 IS, IXUS 980 IS, IXUS 990 IS, IXUS i, IXUS i5, IXUS i7, IXUS II, IXUS IIs, IXUS Wireless


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This USB cable can download images from your camera/camcorder to your PC. On one end of the cable is a standard USB A male plug that will fit into your computer. On the other end is a USB plug which will fit into your camera/camcorder. All our digital camera/camcorder USB cables are specifically designed as replacements for the manufacturers original cable.

  • Generic Replacement for: Canon (1 meter long)
  • USB 2.0 A male to Micro B 5-pin male
  • Compatible with PC & Mac
  • Data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps
  • Canon compatible IFC-300PCU, IFC-400PCU