New first2savvv semi-hard blue camera case for FUJIFILM FinePix F80EXR FinePix F550EXR FinePix F500EXR FinePix F300EXR FinePix XP31 FinePix XP30 FinePix Z900EXR FinePix Z800EXR FinePix Z700EXR FinePix Z90 FinePix Z70 FinePix Z35 FinePix T200 FinePix JZ510 FinePix JZ510 FinePix JZ310 FinePix JZ300 FinePix JX530 FinePix JX400 FinePix JX360 FinePix JX350 FinePix JX320 FinePix JX315 FinePix JX310 FinePix JX300 FinePix JX210 FinePix JV250 FinePix JV200 FinePix JV170 FinePix JV110 FinePix JV210 FinePix JV100 FinePix JV90 FinePix AX360 FinePix AX350 FinePix AX250 FinePix AV250 FinePix AV240 FinePix AV230FinePix AV220 FinePix AV215 FinePix AV200 FinePix AV130 FinePix AV120 FinePix AV100 FinePix AV10 FinePix T500 FinePix T550 FinePix AX650 FinePix AX660 FinePix AX600 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT10 DMC-FX700 DMC-FX90 DMC-FX77 DMC-S3WKIT-2012 DMC-FX77EB-S DMC-FS37 DMC-FS35 DMC-FS22 DMC-FS18 DMC-FS16 DMC-FS14 DMC-S3 DMC-S1 DMC-S3EB-WA DMC-S3EB-KA DMC-SZ9 DMC-SZ3 DMC-XS1 DMC-FS50 DMC-F5 DMC-SZ7DMC-SZ5 DMC-SZ1 DMC-S3KKIT-2012 DMC-FX80 DMC-FS45 DMC-FS40 DMC-S5DMC-XS3


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Keep your camera like new with this fantastic top quality camera case, it is perfectly fit for
your camera protection

Using only selected durable material, this fantastic top quality camera case is idea solution to give
protection for your camera in full. It is made from the finest quality material to provide complete
protection from scratches and marks

  • waterproof and shock resistant, protection against bumps and scratches
  • it is made of high quality tough fabric and excellent padding to protect your camera
  • soft microfiber interior to protect lcd screen, provide protection from scratches and marks
  • double-zip design, light weight and durable case
  • the free key chain provides a quick and efficient way to hook and unhook keys quickly