Pentax K-S1 20MP DSLR Digital Camera 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Lens White/Blue BRAND NEW

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Pentax K-S1 20MP DSLR Digital Camera 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Lens White/BlueUK STOCK – 12 MONTHS WARRANTY – FAST SHIPPINGBRAND NEW & SEALEDProduct DescriptionMeet the PENTAX K-S1, the latest digital SLR to join the RICOH IMAGING family. Featuring outstanding imaging performance, progressive design and an innovative illuminated body, the K-S1 rivals even high-end models. Designed for photographers who take pictures wherever they go, whether that’s on a smartphone or tablet, the PENTAX K-S1 ups the ante when it comes to image quality, while still offering a great lightweight, compact and portable option. Featuring a body that bucks the trend of conventional digital SLR camera design, this camera also boasts an innovative illumination interface system that intuitively reacts to changes in camera operation from stills to video, ensuring the K-S1 stands out in the crowd.This new model also comes in 12 different colour variations to suit your own personal style and taste. These include Black, Blue and White as standard, four models from ‘the Fabric collection’, which recreates the colour and tone of materials with Cotton Beige, Linen Brown, Denim Blue, Tweed Gray; and five from ‘the Night Sky collection’, which reflect the colour changes in the sky from sunset to dawn with Sunset Orange, Dusk Gold, Moon Silver, Midnight Black, and Dawn Purple. If you’re looking for high-end specs the PENTAX K-S1 really does have it all. From the PENTAX-developed AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator (first introduced on the PENTAX K-3); and an optical viewfinder offering 100% field of view; to an built-in shake reduction mechanism; and a top sensitivity of ISO 51200. All of these features combine to provide an exceptional digital imaging performance that will satisfy photographers of all levels – from first-time SLR users to experienced photo enthusiasts.
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Anti-Aliasing Filter Simulator The low-pass filterless design maximises resolution from the CMOS image sensor. This model is also equipped with the Pentax-original Anti-Aliasing Filter Simulator function which reduces moiré that occurs due to tiny drive operations of the sensor. Two merits are obtained from this one unit. *Sufficient effects are obtained when shooting at shutter speeds slower than 1/1000 sec. Also, this function cannot be used when taking “HDR” photos. Indicator Lamps The Indicator Lamps use LED to display camera status. This use of light provides intuitive camera control. The design floats like a light display for a sense of presence. Main switch: Green for still images, and red for movies Grip: The 5 lights in a line display a countdown for Face Detection, Remote Control, and Self-timer. Mode dial: The currently set mode appears in green. When shutter release is available, the OK button is lit in blue. ISO 51200 With the CMOS image sensor and Prime M II image processor, high sensitivity of ISO 51200 is achieved. This feature shows its true ability when shooting in dark scenes that were not possible with previous cameras.
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Simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) A GUI design is used so setting content for each function can be understood at a glance. Moving explanations and easy-to-understand displays make controls easier. Optical viewfinder with approx. 100% field of view A glass prism finder is used with the same specs as those found on Pentax high end cameras. With the large, easy to use viewfinder with an approximate 100% field of view and approximate 0.95x* magnification (viewfinder magnification), focusing and composing shots are easier, letting you focus on the subject. *50mm F1.4/? Fusion design The main body unit portrays a sharp and feel, whereas the light path that contains the traditional pentaprism is very much like an authentic SLR. By combining two differing shapes into a fusion design, a compact, lightweight camera that fits in the palm of the hand is created.
Additional features – Approx. 20.12 effective megapixels – In-camera image stabilisation mechanism SR – 1/6000 sec. high-speed shutter – Approx. 5.4 fps high-speed continuous shooting – High-precision AF from SAFOX IX i+ – Full-featured lens correction including diffraction correction – Effects Mode provides creative options for finishing touches – Full HD movies with stereo audio – High-definition, 3:2 aspect ratio 3.0 inch LCD monitor – Compatible with Flucard for Pentax and Eye-Fi cards

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