XuMarket(TM) camera Viewfinder cD700/cD300 LCD Screen Viewfinder Magnifier for Nikon D700 D300 Camera Viewfinder


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Fixed frame connected with the fuselage, the LCD Magnifier will be tightly locked on fixed box, high stability,not easy to drop out, and also can simplify mounting and dismounting procedures.
Use in bright sunlight can produce shaded effects so that you can observe more clearly via LCD display.
Binocular viewfinder zoom function, the LCD screen can be enlarged and assist focus.
Use the high quality of rubber patch, make the viewfinder and face contact more intimate.
Through the LCD screen, the picture is magnified three times.
Suitable for: Nikon D700 / D300 Camera.

Type: LCD Magnifier
Model: CN-278 cD700/cD300
Brand: NanGuang
Black: Black
Material: Silicone + ABS
Item size: Approx. 16 * 15 * 8.4cm / 6.3 * 5.9 * 3.3in
Item weight: 370g / 13oz
Package size: 21 * 17 * 9cm / 8.3 * 6.7 * 3.5in
Total weight: 645g / 22.7oz

Package List:
1 * Magnifier Body
1 * Strap
2 * Protected Bag
1 * Front Cover For Magnifier
1 * Back Cover For Magnifier
1 * Fixing Adapter

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